Thursday, February 20, 2014

Frozen Birthday Display

Hey Crafty Friends-

I promised you pics of the Frozen Birthday Party cupcake display so here it is!

Super cute huh? My nephews loved everything. They were so excited to wake up to a Frozen wonderland filled with sweet, blue cupcakes.

I love making theme party projects. It's so much fun. The kids think it's for them but I think it's for me.
I hope you've been inspired by what you see today. Come back soon for my crafty fun!

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  1. So cute!!! You have the best ideas for cupcakes! I can't wait for you to open a shop that I can work at to be around these delicious looking things!!!

  2. Very cute! I can see why it's as much for you as them.

  3. ADORABLE!! What a fun and sweet party theme. The cupcakes look scrumptious!!