Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brave Birthday Party Favors

Hey Crafty Friends=

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday with a Disney Brave party. We had so much fun! There were 11 kids and 20 adults in attendance. It couldn't have been better! I pulled together a few special items for the goody bags but this was the one everyone was talking about. Candy arrows!

I found pixie stick style candy straws that are about a foot long. I cut the triangle points and glued them on sandwiching the straw between them.

For the tail end I freehand cut the shape I liked, then glued them on also sandwiching the straw in between. I then cut several slits in the tail to give it a feathery look. To finish them up I hit the tail with a little distress ink to make the cuts stand out. Here is a closer look.

The kids loved them and the moms wanted to know how I did it. So here you go! If you have a Brave little Princess Merida in your life she will love these if you give them a try.

Please come back again soon for more inspiration. Have a crafty day!